Dear President,

First let me thank you for your ongoing support of our Executive Board and staff as we work through these unprecedented times. I also want to personally thank you for the support and faith in me as your President that was shown during our 43rd Biennial Convention last week. I promise to continue to work hard and advocate for every one of our 15,000 members across the state.

While we are speaking about the convention, I think it is important to note that many of our Executive Board members and staff, led by Secretary/Treasurer Tom Roate, put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort to produce a one of its kind virtual convention. I know that we are all very appreciative of their tremendous behind the scenes work and persistence to provide us with a forum to conduct business during this moment in time.

We know that this pandemic has wreaked havoc on each of you personally and professionally. Please know that the AFFI is here for you in any way that we can assist. Our COVID-19 committee continues to keep up with directives, provide guidance and do research on the latest information. On a side note, be sure your members are aware of the AFFI face coverings we are offering as a $20 contribution to AFFI PAC. We have placed another order and they should be arriving at the office in the next week or so.

We know that our local government employers have lost revenue over the last four months and the fiscal outlook could be bleak as we move through the year(s). We have provided educational links on our website.  In addition, to ensure your employer is applying for every grant or stimulus dollar available, you can visit the IAFF Preparing for a COVID-19 Economy page to find best practices.   We have also bolstered our data department within the AFFI to provide you and your District Vice President with multiple data sets and research in order to better assist you if/when you are called to the bargaining table.

I know your District Vice Presidents are in constant contact with you. They are your first line of communication to the AFFI and each one of them takes great pride in their district and their members. I have witnessed first-hand how hard they work on a daily basis. Please use them and never hesitate to contact them.

I also want to extend the offer to attend one of your union meetings, either in person or virtually, along with your District VP and Leg Rep as our schedules allow. Please know that this AFFI is here for you and we will continue to do everything in our power to represent your best interests.

Lastly, you will soon be receiving correspondence from me concerning AFFI committee appointments so please be on the lookout for it, and share it with your membership.

In Solidarity,