The AFFI PAC has had three masks designed. With a voluntary contribution of $20 we will send you your choice of an AFFI mask. With a voluntary contribution of $75 you will receive an assortment of four specially designed AFFI Masks. With a voluntary contribution of $150 you will receive an assortment of 10 specially designed masks.


Please email to place an order.

There were 57 applicants for the AFFI scholarships this year.  All of the candidates were very strong.  Congratulations to our winners.  The AFFI wishes the very best to each candidate as they continue their education.


$1000 Winner Parent Local
Michelle Cano Eric Hall Bloomington #49
Ashlyn Klecka Gary Klecka Elmhurst #3541
Nicholas Minnito Dominic Minnito Joliet #44
$500 Winner Parent Local
Alexis Darby John Darby Danville #429
Michael Morris Robert Morris Chicago #2
Carl Reina Carl Reina Berwyn #506
Morgan Ruden Eric Ruden East Alton #2333


Resolution #2018-12, resolved:  that a fund be established to provide a $1000 scholarship to dependents of our fallen as they graduate high school and enter an accredited post high school College, Vocational, or Trade School.  Andrew Capuano, dependent of Daniel Capuano from Chicago Local 2 will receive $1000.  Daniel gave his life on 12/14/2015 while battling a warehouse fire.

Governor JB Pritzker signs HB2455

During the General Assembly’s three-day emergency session, the AFFI legislative team added all COVID-19 related illnesses to the list of rebuttable presumptions covered under the Workers Compensation Act. This includes a waiver of the five-year employment threshold for our newest members.

Description: An agreed bill as a result of negotiations between business and labor to address the unemployment insurance system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amends the Unemployment Insurance Act to allow the Illinois Department of Employment Security to capture 100% federal funding for extended benefits, continue the suspension of the waiting week, make non-instructional educational staff eligible for unemployment benefits during the summer months and academic vacation weeks, and amend existing rest stops for 2022. Amends the Workers’ Compensation Act to allow the Illinois Works Review Panel to hold its initial meeting no later than 45 days after the effective date, allow payments of duty death benefits to surviving spouses of Chicago police and firefighters who die from contracting COVID-19 between March 2020 and December 2020, revise eligibility for workers compensation to include disease or injury from COVID-19 for first responders or frontline workers, and make changes to unemployment payments.

Action: Signed

Effective: Immediately